Word on Curd: Summer Salad Recipes and New Cheeses for July

Summer is in full swing, and with it the fresh flavors of summer produce, ripe for cheese pairing to keep meal planning simple and fresh, whether it’s for a hungry crowd, or just one or two. From a bright and colorful veggie platter to snack on while you grill, accompanied by an easy homemade Linden Dale Farm Goat Greek Yogurt Chipotle Ranch dip or Tzatziki, and some shredded Rizo Brothers’ Queso Oaxaca, a summer fruit platter with a bowl of thick and creamy Linden Dale Honey Goat Greek Yogurt for dipping, or Red, White, & Blue Oaxaca Queso Dip, to a vibrant salad tossed with any one of our delectable cheeses, we’ve got you covered for all your produce-forward summer meals, simple to prepare, yet dynamic in flavor. See below for our new cheeses for July, and summertime cheese-accented salad recipes. Be sure to share your creations with us on social media @harvestmarket.
New cheeses for July:
  • Linden Dale Farm’s new seasonal flavor for summer: Tart Cherry Chevre! Fresh goat cheese, with a touch of honey and bits of juicy dried tart cherries. Loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds!

  • Just in time for summer… Ricotta Salata has arrived! An Italian sheep milk delicacy, this is fresh ricotta, pressed and dried to reach a crumbly, compact texture, yet maintaining a lightness of character that both crumbles and slices well. A high protein, flavor-packed addition to salads and pasta dishes, or refreshing accompaniment to fresh fruit and herbs like watermelon and mint. Try a 4th of July “Red, White and Blue” themed salad by tossing together cubed watermelon, blueberries, and shaved Ricotta Salata!

  • Philadelphia’s own Perrystead Dairy Atlantis: A truly original American artisanal gem, this 8oz wheel has been bathed in the briny waters of the Atlantic ocean, infused with a variety of North American edible seaweed varieties, and aged for 45-60 days, imparting a deep umami, miso seaweed flavor that is delightfully contrasted by the bright flavors of the grass-fed cow milk as it ages, and a supple texture to round it out.
Cheese-accented Salad Recipes: