Fresh From the Kitchen: Now Introducing Our Gingerbread House Kits!

Just in time for the holiday season! We welcome you to build your own Gingerbread House using our homemade kits. These vegan and gluten-free cookies are pre-cut for easy construction and each kit comes with its own pack of icing. All you need to add are some Ginger Folk, gumdrops and any other seasonal candies that you think are perfect for your dream home. Why not build a candy cane forest in the backyard or a marshmallow snowman?

Starting in December, our staff will be showcasing their own Gingerbread Houses using our kits – be sure to cast your vote! Winners will be selected at the end of the holiday season – follow along on our Instagram page @harvestmarket!

Once constructed, we would love to see YOUR final results and masterpieces! Use #holidaysatharvest or tag us in your post so we can share your Gingerbread House with the world!