From Our Kitchen to Your Table

Harvest Market is dedicated to providing our customers Real Food to Go that is vibrant, delicious, and made with ingredients that are carefully sourced. All of our freshly prepared foods are made in house by our team of talented cooks. In addition to making great food, we are intentional with all of the choices we make during production. Our dedication to sustainability has earned us a 3-star rating from the Green Restaurant Association, recognizing us for our use of energy star appliances, low impact disposables, safer cleaning chemicals, selection of Vegan options, and use of organic ingredients.


We believe that tasty food begins with quality ingredients. We use nearly 100% organic produce. All of our meats are humanely and sustainably raised. We favor fats that provide superior nutritional value (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Ghee, Organic Coconut Oil). Our sweeteners are typically unrefined and used in limited amounts (Pure Maple Syrup, Coconut Sugar). We use whole food ingredients to give our foods the best flavor and nutritional punch. When we do go outside the box of “super healthy” (think chocolate croissant & traditional cookies) we make sure that the ingredients are the best of the best, and that the final product is truly sublime!

Allergens and Special Diets

When developing products for our customers we are intentional about being as inclusive as possible. There are many dietary practices and we try to make food that can be enjoyed by the widest possible audience. If we can make a product with gluten free ingredients, we do. We are mindful to include many vegan options. We make our vegan foods with real food ingredients offering the best nutrition and flavor.

All of our food is prepared in an open kitchen where we make items with many different ingredients, including many allergens. Although we are careful to avoid cross contact of potential allergens, we can not make any guarantees about the potential allergen content of our foods.

Things We Can Guarantee

  • No GMOs
  • No Preservatives, Artificial Flavors or Coloring
  • Mostly Healthy Fats
  • Mostly Unrefined Sweeteners
  • Only Humanely Raised Meats
  • Only Sustainably Caught Fish
  • Organic Produce when possible, and it’s almost always possible!
  • Great Care and Attention to Detail
  • Small Batches Made with Love