New Cheeses and Returning Favorites for Autumn: Washed Rind Cheeses Take Center Stage

With the cooler weather underway, our thoughts are turning to those washed-rind beauties… What is a washed-rind cheese? Any cheese that has a sticky, orange rind, and a meaty, pungent flavor, is classified as a washed-rind cheese, as it is “washed” in a bacteria known as B-Linen, often found in cider, beer, and spirits. These cheeses pair wonderfully with anything sweet or sour, sparkling, and especially cider.
The next time you’re in, be sure to check out those “stinkers,” lined up front and center in the open cheese case: Italian Taleggio, Farm at Doe Run’s limited Batch #36 goat/sheep Trappist-style, and Reblochon-style English Cream, Birchrun Hills Fat Cat and Red Cat, and Philadelphia’s Perrystead Dairy Atlantis. Looking for a washed-rind cheese that melts incredibly, similar to a Raclette? Look no further than PA Clover Creek’s Tussey Mountain. See below for a list of new and returning cheeses for Fall, and be sure to check out our “DIY Fall Cheese Board” pictured below, and available next to the open cheese case.

Returning Fall Favorites:


English Cream: The Farm at Doe Run’s ooey, gooey, English Cream has officially returned for the season, in limited quantity! This Reblochon-style pasteurized cow milk is sultry and satisfying, yet light whippy. Scoop it up with a sweet, crunchy apple, some toasted seeds, and wash it down with your favorite sparkling beverage.
 Intergalactic: Philadelphia’s Perrystead Dairy’s iconic grass-fed cow milk gooey, wrinkly gem, housed in a bakeable wooden box, perfect for heating in the oven! Intergalactic’s unique, herbaceous flavor and pleasant olive-like finish are the result of a vegetarian rennet, made from Iberian cardoon artichoke thistle flowers.
Bijou: Vermont Creamery’s velvety, gooey double-packed goat cheeses are ideal for cheeseboards and mealtimes alike! Enjoy room temperature, or broiled over a baguette or braised bitter greens, with a drizzle of honey.
Cremont: Vermont Creamery’s double-cream, wrinkly-rinded, velvety cow/goat milk 8oz wheel. Creamy, nutty, and buttery!

New Cheeses for Fall:

“Barely Buzzed”:  Beehive Creamery’s 2023 ACS award winning lavender espresso-rubbed cheddar. Who says you can’t have it all? Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!”
Belgioioso’s Smoked Mozzarella: This 8oz supple, perfectly smoked mozzarella is the perfect addition to a homemade pizza, grilled cheese, or hot veggie plate. Find it next to the other mozzarella in the dairy reach-in refrigerator.

Check out our cheeseboard tips for the autumn season! Physical copies are available in store.