Word On Curd: “Desert Island Cheese,” and New Cheeses for August

We posed the question, “What is your “Desert Island Cheese” again to our staff, and here’s what they came up with! Let us know, what is YOUR “Desert Island Cheese”? Tag us on social media @harvestmarket to share!
“I’d like to submit my favorite cheese again — I’m sticking with Bandit’s Maverick! I love it so, so much. This locally sourced cheese is a cave-aged, double cream style, plant-based Brie. It is creamy with a bloomy rind and rich, earthy flavors! Perfect served savory with an herb cracker and onion jam, or paired with a citrusy marmalade and a french baguette!”

“Pecorino Romano! We buy it by the block, grate it fresh at home, then keep it in a sealed container in the fridge to use all week long. Our favorite ways to enjoy it include sprinkling it over a salad, homemade pizza, and dipping our pizza crust in a little dish of the California Olive Ranch Arbequina Olive Oil, topped with grated Pecorino Romano… the perfect way to end a meal, or begin it! Another delicious meal featuring Romano is the Shiloh Farms Polenta topped with browned Stryker Country Sausage, sauteed spring onions, summer squash, fresh basil, fresh marjoram and, of course, some grated Pecorino Romano.”
“100% hands down my desert island cheese is the vegan Miyokos Chive Cheese with the Divina Chili Fig Spread, either on a baked potato, or Mary’s Gone Superseed (blue box) crackers.  YUM YUM YUM!”
“I love any of the fruit flavored Linden Dale Chevres, spread on an Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Crisp. The crisps are slightly sweet, with the perfect crispy crunch to compliment the whippy, creamy goat cheese!”
“My favorite is the Linden Dale Blueberry or Peach Chevre. It is so good, I just eat it straight up by itself!”

“Sue Miller’s Chester County Birchrun Hills Fat Cat! Fat Cat is the perfect combination of tart, funky, meaty and mushroom-y, with such a depth and range to it that it can pair with most anything, sweet, sour, or savory. I love this artisanal raw cow milk cheese year round, having the opportunity to taste the nuance of the seasonal milk and how it ages into itself. My favorite way to eat Fat Cat in the summer is with grilled onions, mushrooms, juicy heirloom tomatoes, and corn, but I also love it melted over cauliflower in the fall and winter, or with melted leeks and mushrooms on a fresh corn tortilla with tamarind.”
New Cheeses for August…

  • We are pleased to introduce “Batch #36,” a new local unpasteurized sheep and goat milk cheese from The Farm at Doe Run. This is a Trappist-style, washed rind cheese with a semi-firm, supple texture, and a toasted malty, meaty, lightly floral flavor. Aged for three months. As it is a limited batch, we encourage you to get a wedge while it’s in stock!
  • Peach season is here! Enjoy a new seasonal flavor of fresh, creamy Linden Dale Chevre: Peaches and Cream. Made with juicy dried peaches, and just a touch of honey, this delicacy is the perfect addition to any summer gathering. Delicious in a salad with fresh tarragon and toasted nuts, or with prosciutto, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and a crusty baguette.