Hello from the Harvest Market Kitchen

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!We are here for you!

A Message from the Harvest Market Kitchen:

The Kitchen at Harvest Market continues to be dedicated to preparing the best tasting, most carefully sourced Real Food to Go for you and your family! We have been and continue to be  committed to using the best practices in all aspects of our production. We use an abundance of care not only with the source of our ingredients, but also with our handling of all items from our kitchen to your table. 

Given the current COVID 19 health crisis, you may be wondering if eating prepared food is safe? We take public health seriously and we are confident that the food we are preparing is indeed safe. We have consulted multiple sources of information regarding this virus and food safety and they all agree that there is no evidence of transmission of COVID 19 via food. 

Weeks ago, as soon as the virus entered the public’s consciousness, we reached out to our local health inspector from the Delaware Department of Public Health, as well as the CDC to inquire about any special measures we should be taking. We were reassured to learn that the same food safety practices that we have always used are as effective in this challenging new climate as they have been in the past. 

We were also advised that social distancing in the store would be of the utmost importance. It was at that time that we established best practices for social distancing for all of our staff and shoppers. If you are wondering why the Harvest Market Kitchen Manager has been serving as Concierge of Sanitation and Social Distancing, it is because public health and sanitation are key aspects of professional kitchen work. At Harvest Market we take this responsibility seriously!

As you all continue to follow stay at home orders to protect your family’s and the public’s health, we want you to know that we are still here for you! We have many items that will help you get a start on dinner. Think of us as your personal assistant when you are just not up to cooking!  And if you are part of the essential business workforce, you can still stop by for a quick grab and go meal or snack. 

Finally, the kitchen will start sharing some of our best ideas for what we call “HMK Hacks”! That is, taking items made by the Harvest Market Kitchen and combining them with other ingredients to build on the original product and create a whole new wonderful dish! Look for these posts on our social media and website. We invite you to submit your own ideas to us at Kitchen@harvestmarketnaturalfoods.com or by using #HMKhacks and tagging us @harvestmarket in your social media posts. Maybe one of your HMK hacks will be featured to inspire others!
In the meantime, we hope you are staying safe, eating well, and enjoying the special gifts that food and community have to offer. We are here for you!

Please see the attached articles from Serious Eats and the Produce Marketing Association about the safety of prepared foods.