Time for Turmeric

Turmeric Root and PowderIn more recent years, turmeric has become known and used around the world as a potent whole-body anti-inflammatory supplement. However, the golden root, related to ginger, has been used for centuries in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for a range of symptoms and health complaints. Turmeric, and its primary active compounds, curcuminoids, are among the most widely studied plant extractives for their medicinal use in modern science. In India, the bright yellow root is commonly used in everyday curry dishes, for both its flavor and therapeutic benefits. Plentiful consumption is thought to improve and prolong brain health through old age.

Studies have shown the anti-inflammatory properties of curcuminoids can certainly have that effect, along with possibly reducing tumor size, slowing or halting the mutation of cells, and destroying unhealthy cells while preserving healthy ones. Clinical trials have also shown success in alleviating painful inflammation of the joints and muscles, as well as improving complications and symptoms of heart and vascular diseases, IBS, ulcers, degenerative eye diseases, inflammatory skin conditions, and many others. It also shows promise of working protectively against such ailments, including hepatitis of the liver and other damages caused by exposure to inflammatory disease causing conditions and substances.

MegaFood Turmeric There are many ways to consume this amazing substance. Try golden milk, a spicy-sweet warm beverage perfect for a soothing bedtime ritual (available by Gaia Herbs in an organic powder to add to your favorite milk), a unique fermented powder form from New Chapter, and of course the quick and easy capsules and tablets from a variety of quality brands.

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