South Mountain Creamery: Middletown, Maryland

Cows at South Mountain

South Mountain Creamery is an on-site dairy farm and processing plant located in the rolling countryside of Middletown, Maryland. All of their milk is made right on the farm, from start to finish, and comes in refundable glass containers. The incredible flavor and the nutritional value of the milk can be attributed to the freshness of the milk and the comfort of the cows.

Harvest Market is pleased to now offer the following dairy products from South Mountain Creamery:
  • Whole Milk in half gallons
  • Whole Milk in quarts
  • 2% Milk in quarts
  • Chocolate Milk in quarts
  • Half & Half in pints
  • Heavy Cream in pints

Family Farming

Randy and Karen Sowers started farming in 1981. They rented land and took out a loan to buy 100 cows. By 1987, they had purchased the home farm of 100 acres. By 2001, they had their own on farm-dairy processing plant, the first in Maryland. Today, the Sowers family owns and farms 2,200 acres. South Mountain Creamery milks 550 cows with the hard work of three generations who now work on the farm. Tony and Abby (Sowers) Brusco and Ben and Kate Sowers now run it. South Mountain is an important part of the local economy, employing over 75 people.

Family Farm South Mountain Creamery

Happy Cows on Pasture

Responsible farming is behind the milk you buy from South Mountain Creamery. Cows spend their days on pasture. Fresh air, sunlight, and endless grass is provided for them. They also come and go as they please from their freestall barn, where they can get comfortable out of the weather. In addition to grazing, they are fed a nutritious mix of crops grown on the same farm. We are happy to know that milk from South Mountain Creamery is the best, most nutritious local food, that you will feel good about drinking.

Milk in Glass

Every bottle comes in a refundable glass bottle. You get the $2.00 bottle deposit back when you bring back the thoroughly cleaned bottle without the cap. Thank you for your help in keeping this process running smoothly! We are all doing our best to reduce our waste and this is one step in that direction.

Field Trip to the Farm

At South Mountain Creamery, their farmers feed the calves every day, regardless of weather, at 4pm. Sounds like a cool field trip, doesn’t it?! Visit their website to learn more about their farm visits and get to know your farmer…and their cows!

South Mountain Creamery Milk