Patriotic Cheese Plate

Celebrate Independence Day with locally made cheeses, from independently-owned and operated farms!

1. For a classic Red, White and Blue themed cheese plate, we suggest:
  • Red Cat from Birchrun Hills Farm
  • Noblette from Calkins Creamery
  • Birchrun Blue from Birchrun Hills Farm
  • Vampire Slayer from Calkins Creamery as the zesty firecracker!
2. Also fun for a patriotic addition to your cheese plate, try this easy layered brie “red white and blue berry cake” hack with a mini brie like Noblette or Merry Goat Round: slice the wheel in half “hamburger style,” layer bottom half with blueberries and sliced strawberries, then place the top half on top, slice like a cake, and you have yourself a double layered berry brie cake!
Patriotic Cheese


3. In honor of national grilling month, we recommend slaying it at your next BBQ by serving grilled Vampire Slayer quesadillas, or melted over grilled potatoes or corn. Learn how to grill your quesadillas in this tutorial from