Party Smarter with PartySmart

For most people, a night of drinking alcohol leads to feeling miserable in the morning. No one likes feeling queasy, worn, and craving an absurd amount of carbs, but sometimes, that’s where the drinking leads us. We’ve all heard of the common natural remedies, like taking in plenty of fluids, getting lots of sleep after a night of partying, and making sure not to drink on an empty stomach. But these simple tricks don’t always cut it. However, there is one remedy that might create better results. See, most remedies try to relieve the symptoms of a hangover, rather than address the problem head-on. PartySmart, created by Himalaya, is a perfect example of a hangover preventative, rather than a hangover treatment. PartySmart is taken during a night of drinking, and can prevent a hangover from turning you into a sluggish, carb-consuming zombie the next morning.

PartySmart BoxAlcohol can’t really be considered sustenance, so there is no point in keeping it in our bodies. When we drink alcohol, the body has to convert it into something the liver can metabolize, so we can get rid of it. So, when we ingest alcohol, our bodies mainly convert it into an intermediate metabolite called acetaldehyde. This is the precursor to alcohol metabolism (1). Think of it like parts to a car: you could be given all the raw materials for a car – the engine, the transmission, the spark plugs – but you can’t drive the car until all the parts are put together, or in other words, until they are converted into something usable. Drinking alcohol is giving your body all the raw parts, and acetaldehyde is the conversion your liver can use to drive it out of your body.

PartySmart isn’t like normal hangover-relief remedies because it targets what causes the hangover rather than mitigating the unpleasant side effects of alcohol. After a night of drinking, acetaldehyde tends to build up in the liver. This build up of acetaldehyde, in tandem with being dehydrated, is what leads us to not feeling so great in the morning. PartySmart rapidly speeds up the detoxification of acetaldehyde, that way you don’t have it swimming around in your bloodstream and liver when you wake up (2). If you don’t have the hangover contributor in your body, then in theory, you won’t have a hangover (as long as you’re staying hydrated, not drinking on an empty stomach, and refraining from going too crazy).

PartySmartPartySmart is the amalgam of multiple herbs that contribute to evacuating acetaldehyde from your system and supporting the liver’s detoxification efforts. For example, Chicory is in PartySmart to help protect the digestive system from alcohol, reduce inflammation, and to ease a potential upset stomach. Andrographis, an herb which offers immune support, also helps speed up the liver’s detoxification process, as well as help ease an upset stomach due to its “bitter-like” properties. Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that helps with blood flow. So, not only does taking one PartySmart with water some time during alcohol consumption help prevent a groggy morning, it also helps medicinally caress some of the major-organ systems in your body (1) (3).

We certainly do not condone or recommend alcohol abuse. If you’re a person who enjoys the occasional drink, or if you’re a person who wants to gently support the liver’s detoxification process, PartySmart is a good choice. It leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning and not devouring all the bread in your pantry to suppress your hangover. But the best choice, naturally, is to reach for the spring water, instead.

– David, Front End/Customer Service Staff Member


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