New Wild-Caught Salmon Dishes

What happens when the Harvest Market Kitchen crew gets together with Wild for Salmon Sockeye Whole filets?

Roasted Wild Salmon with Garlic Scape or Spinach Basil Pesto!

All made right here with the same high-quality ingredients you can find on our grocery shelves.

The fish we use comes from Wild for Salmon, a Pennsylvania Family owned company dedicated to providing superior quality, sustainably harvested salmon. We use the very same salmon in our Japanese Salmon Teriyaki bowls.

The basil for the pesto is grown by Spring Thyme Herb Farm, just up the road from us; and the garlic scapes were grown by a local farmer in Landenburg, PA.

The synergy of all of these local and fresh elements come together to make a dinner entrée that makes healthy eating easy and enjoyable!


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