New Pennsylvania Cheeses

We are pleased to introduce three new local cheeses from Pennsylvania:
Intergalactic Cheese
Intergalactic Cheese from Perrystead Dairy

Perrystead Dairy’s Intergalactic: Philadelphia, PA

A gorgeous, buttery cow milk number with a fluffy, wrinkly rind, giving way to a yeasty, creamy, center. This work of art is fully vegetarian, thistle coagulated, with flavors of freshly baked bread, olives, and butter. It is presented in its own adorable wooden box, a perfect home to maintain its character and full expression!

Read all about Perrystead Dairy’s head cheesemaker, Yoav Perry, in the August edition of Food and Wine!

Goat Rodeo’s Bamboozle: Pittsburgh, PA

From the makers of Hootenanny, Bamboozle is an award-winning, beer-washed, luscious blend of cow and goat milk, with a semi-firm, supple texture and flavor of peanuts and prosciutto. Treat yourself to a wedge of Bamboozle, paired with your favorite crisp apple and frothy beer or cider!

Goat Rodeo’s Wild Rosemary: Pittsburgh, PA

A semi-firm, cow and goat milk blend, coated in aromatic Rosemary. Perfectly suited for your fall picnics and savory autumn recipes!