Local Farmstead Cheeses

St. Malachi Cheese

St. Malachi Reserve

An award winning Alpine and Gouda inspired cheese with a favorable flavor profile made with Doe Run’s own cows’ milk. The paste is smooth yet firm, with flavors reminiscent of roasted nuts, dried fruits, bourbon, toffee, and buttered toast. Aged for over a year in their beautiful caves on site. St. Malachi was awarded Gold in the prestigious World Cheese Awards in 2016-2017.

Hummingbird CheeseHummingbird

Individual Robiola-style soft-ripened cow milk beauties, aged for 2-6 weeks, with flavor profile ranging from light and citrusy at it’s youngest, developing into a gooey dollop of sweet cream with undertones of mushroom as it ages. Hummingbird was selected as one of “4 Outstanding Mixed Milk Cheeses to Try” according to the web’s ‘Destination for Delicious’, Serious Eats.

The Farm at Doe Run

Nestled in the bucolic, rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, sits the sprawling green pastures of The Farm at Doe Run. Home of several award-winning cheeses made from their own milk, The Farm at Doe Run has made quite a name for themselves after only eight years in production. The views are quite simply breath-taking; the serene tranquility of the pastures lead to a peaceful, humane and enviable quality of life for the cows, sheep and goats who call Doe Run home. Get a glimpse of the farm’s majesty by taking a leisurely drive out to The Whip Tavern some day. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to England and you won’t want to leave!

Farm at Doe Run