New and Returning Cheeses to Love

VT Creamery Bijou

❤️ Cheese is Love ❤️

Presenting new cheeses for February, and blood building accoutrements, for your Valentine’s and Super Bowl spreads:

  • Bijou (pictured above), a duo of wrinkly rinded, soft and creamy goat’s milk “jewels” from Vermont Creamery. If you like Merry Goat Round, Castelbelbo, La Tur, or Intergalactic, you will love Bijou! Try it melted atop a baguette, over roasted brassicas, or with dates for a sweet treat.
  • The Real Philly Schmear Cheese from Perrystead Dairy in Kensington, Philadelphia “boasts an old-world tangy, buttermilky flavor with silky, airy texture that highlights the beauty of fresh, local grass-fed milk.” Try it sweet or savory, in a cheesecake recipe, atop a muffin or toast, or as a veggie dip with your favorite spice blend.
  • Hummingbird is back! This cheese is made year round, and we love to taste the seasonal variations. With winter milk, this Robiola-style beauty from the Farm at Doe Run is especially creamy and rich, with notes of toasted nuts, mushrooms, brassicas, and sweet cream. Cow milk. Chester County, PA

With February’s focus on heart health, we thought we’d share our favorite ways to boost blood flow with these pairing ideas that make our hearts go “pitter patter…

  • Raw assorted colorful beets (chiogga, yellow, etc), thinly sliced and cut into half moon shapes, then rolled up into little roses.
  • Dried figs, plums, cherries, raisins, currants, and dates
  • Dark chocolate (with the added bonus of calcium loving magnesium!)
  • Raddichio and curly kale
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Olives
  • Tamarind
  • Passion Fruit
  • Persimmons