Natural Factors Welcomes Us to Vancouver

Vancouver Harbor

In October, 2018, Natural Factors provided several Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) stores with an all expenses paid trip to visit one of their production facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. My co-worker Holly and I were fortunate enough to win this trip and pack many adventures into a three day trip from Hockessin, Delaware.

Welcome to Vancouver

When we first arrived we were able to meet up with Wendy, our incredibly knowledgable and kind host from Natural Factor, and 4 other INFRA store winners for a beautiful seafood dinner on the harbor of Vancouver’s port. We were able to discuss the itinerary for the next day and learn about some genuinely beautiful people. Because of this trip Natural Factors provided, we were able to connect with other independent retailers and learn from them and share experiences. There is nothing better than making connections with some kind-hearted individuals. These are the type of people you meet and you feel like you’ve known your whole life. It makes for a pretty good time.

We got to spend an entire day exploring the pristine Natural Factors facility. I was not expecting it to be as massive as it was. It is home to a very large number of employees with various skill sets. Almost all products are made, bottled, and labeled within this facility. Every individual we encountered had a warm smile on their face and was extremely welcoming. This experience was not only to show us their facility but to answer any and all questions we had about any product from start (literal soil and seed) to the finished bottled product. The staff were a wealth of knowledge as well as our host, Wendy.
Natural Factors Vancouver Trip
No cameras were permitted inside the Natural Factors facility, so this is the only image we captured–with Echinacea Man in their lobby.
We were able to put lab coats and hair nets on and see the laboratory, the scientists testing each step of their product. We learned how they test each and every product that comes through their facility to make sure it is the actual product that it claims to be. They test their products to make sure what the Supplement Facts Label claims is indeed correct. They grow almost all of their own ingredients and when they do not, they have set the bar for high standards.
ISURA Vancouver

To further hit home the quality of their products, we were able to visit ISURA. “ISURA is Canada’s only independent, not-for-profit natural health supplement and food product verification and certification organization. ISURA serves as an analytical competence centre for the analysis of natural health products, raw food and supplement materials at all stages of processing. They provide comprehensive certification services and analytical laboratory testing, and act as an advocacy platform for Canada’s vibrant natural health supplement and food industries. ISURA certification means more accountability in the natural health industry, better products and informed choices for Canadian consumers.”

ISURAWhen ISURA says they test the products at all stages, they mean that from beginning to finished product, making sure it meets their high standards to be free of GMOs, contaminants, heavy metals,  amongst other things. I highly encourage you to check out their website to learn more about this standard at:

All of Natural Factors Products have this rigorous certification. Having the scientists explain to us and show us the tests and steps during this process makes me feel extremely confident and safe in taking Natural Factors Products. It was truly a wonderful experience in which we are very grateful we were able to partake.

– Alyssa, Wellness Team Member

Vancouver Port