Jump Start Your Adrenals

Adrenal health Jump StartFor general sluggishness, fatigue, stress, and anxiety, consider giving your system a quick boost, with Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health Jump Start.

Weakened or overworked adrenal glands from constant stress and “fight-or-flight” mode so common with the fast pace of today’s society can leave you feeling exhausted, burnt out, and your nerves frazzled. While regular support and nourishment of these glands is important to sustain their health, a fast-acting remedy to bring them back up to a healthy level (where you can then practice maintenance) is invaluable. That’s where Adrenal Health Jump Start comes in; taken initially for 6-8 weeks, and followed regularly by Gaia’s Adrenal Health Daily. Any time you feel your system bogged down and overwhelmed again, implement another round of Adrenal Health Jump Start.

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