Hydrate Dry Skin with Weleda

When winter rolls around, it is almost inevitable that my hands become brittle and broken. The cracks on my knuckles bleed; my hands are dry and discolored. It’s a problem I’ve been struggling with for a while, and it makes me dread winter a bit, because I know my hands will need a lot of extra care and maintenance in order to perform at top-speed.

Weleda Skin FoodWeleda Hydrating Hand CreamThis winter, however, has been the best winter yet for my hands. And it’s for one particular reason: Weleda Hand Cream. I’ve used a lot of lotions and hand creams throughout the years, and this brand of hand cream is by far the best. The Hydrating Hand Cream is a sesame-based hand cream with a nourishing infusion of Sea Buckthorn berry and it works fantastic during the day. It smells of sweet citrus and it absorbs almost immediately into your skin. When night time rolls around, I use Weleda’s Skin Food. The reason I use this at night is because it is a little thicker and doesn’t absorb as quickly into your skin, but because I am going to bed right after I put it on, I want an extra layer of thickness to protect my hands throughout the night.

This is the first year in a long time where my hands aren’t debilitatingly dry. I can actually work with my hands and don’t have a constant undercoating of pain throughout the day. I am grateful to have discovered such a wonderful product, and I think you’ll enjoy it, as well! If you’re interested, you can pick up both hand creams in our personal care aisle, along with all of our other lotions.

– David, Front End/Customer Service Staff Member