Homemade Winter Salad Recipes

Winter Salad with Cheese Recipes
The bitterness of leafy winter greens like endive and radicchio marries perfectly with the complexity and richness of cheese.  Add a little acid provided by citrus and/or a splash of vinegar, and you have a vibrant and satisfying complement to any meal. Some of our favorite combinations include shaved Idiazabal (smoked aged raw milk Spanish sheep milk) with radicchio, endive, fennel, and tahini maple dressing. We also love shaved Runnymede, local Farm at Doe Run’s aged sheep/cow/goat cheese, in any bitter green salad. Another favorite is local Birchrun Blue with radicchio, endive, pear, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Lastly, Humboldt Fog with roasted winter squash, radicchio, endive, dried cranberries, and toasted pecans.