HMK’s Staff Recipes

While we are renovating our kitchen at Harvest Market, we want to say that you, our dear customers, are not forgotten. We miss you and still want to help you get dinner on the table!

To this end, our chefs are offering recipes from their home kitchens. Whether you are a novice cook or seasoned chef, these dishes are simple, satisfying, and can be made in about 30 minutes. 

We hope that these personal favorites will offer support and inspiration for you in the coming weeks. Check out these recipes, pick up some groceries and start cooking!

You got this, and we’ll be back before you know it!

Love, The HMK Crew

Fall 2020

Thai Vegetable Red Curry

From Mia’s Kitchen 

I enjoy making curries because they are so versatile and full of flavor. It’s like a party for your taste buds- salty, sweet, spicy, tangy, herby… all in one bite.   You can make simple curries by using just one vegetable or protein, or they can be more complex with multiple veggies. You can choose what you like, or just use whatever you have on hand. Curry can be served over rice, noodles or you can just have a bowl of it.  There are many tasty curry pastes that are ready to use. The added ingredients in this recipe, like the herbs, lime, garlic and ginger take the premade curry paste to a whole new level!



Shrimp Soup Spaghetti

From Mako’s Kitchen

I grew up in the northern part of Japan, with long cold snowy winters.  People in my hometown eat a lot of different soup during the cold weather.  Soup Spaghetti is very popular in Japan.  There are many different kinds of Soup Spaghetti: cream based, tomato based, or clear broth.  As a busy mom, my dinner repertoire is something I can fix quick and easy.   Can’t come up with any dinner ideas?  You can make many endless variations of this recipe using whatever protein, vegetables and stock you have around. Just cook some pasta, gather all the leftover veggies, add some protein and some broth.  You, too, can make Japanese Soup Spaghetti!

Roasted Duck Breast and Root Vegetables

from Megan’s Kitchen

I was almost 50 years old before I cooked my first duck breast. My mind was blown with the first bite of this tender steak-like meat, made complete with its little layer of salty crisp skin. How did this amazing dish escape me for so long?  Roasted Duck Breast and Root Vegetables is definitely company worthy, yet easy enough to make the list of quick weeknight dinners. This dish could even work for cooking campside!  The beauty of this dish is that it is made in a single skillet and renders its own sublime fat for roasting the vegetables. There is virtually no clean up and no waste. Serve with a bit of fruit chutney or jam for a sweet bright contrast to the earthy, rich flavors of this comfort food.

Click here to see Megan talk about her recipe for Roasted Duck Breast with Root Vegetables

Pollo con Chipotle (Chicken with Chipotle Pepper)

from Miguelina’s Kitchen

This recipe came from a friend at work several years ago. At lunchtime we all used to share our food buffet style. When I asked how to make this delicious chicken, I could not believe how something so simple could taste so good!   I love this recipe because it is quick, easy, inexpensive and has a very good flavor! You can use the Siete brand chipotle sauce, but the original recipe uses Chipotle en Adobo, which you can find at your local Mexican store.  I like to serve Pollo con Chipotle as a platter with beans, rice, and salsa. Warm up some tortillas on the side and use them to scoop up all the deliciousness!

Oven Baked French Toast and Bacon 

From Beth’s Kitchen

I love having this recipe in my back pocket for the days that are a little too hectic.  While this is special enough for weekend brunch, it is also a quick and easy weeknight “Breakfast for Dinner”. My four year old loves breakfast food and she is almost guaranteed to clear her plate!  Because most of the action takes place in the oven, I can do a quick toy clean up or a round of dishes while it bakes.  Cooking bacon in the oven is a game changer! There is little to no clean up, and it is perfectly crisp every time.


From Fumie’s Kitchen

Nikujaga is a traditional Japanese family favorite. It is also one of the most popular comfort foods in Japan! The delicious recipes for this dish are handed down from generation to generation.  The word “Nikujaga” translates as “meat” (Niku) and “potato” (Jaga). So this is Japanese style meat and potato stew.  My mother used to make Nikujaga when I was growing up in Japan.  Her Nikujaga was very saturated with flavor and to me it is always the best.  I tried to watch how she makes it and I wanted to make it just like her.  It’s a very simple recipe yet every family has a slightly different home taste. This is Fumie’s style Nikujaga. It’s a simple, quick and delicious recipe!!  The flavors will soak into the ingredients while cooling down.  Nikujaga tastes even better the second day!  Enjoy!!

Click here to see Fumie talk about her recipe for Nikujaga

Cacio e Pepe

From Alexus’ Kitchen

My New Year’s resolution was to eat less meat, so recently I have been learning more vegetarian recipes. Nowadays, I rarely eat meat.  Cacio e Pepe is a versatile dish because you can use whatever vegetables you like. You can even use up odds and ends from your fridge’s vegetable drawer.  When I’m busy with work or school, I like to make Cacio e Pepe because it is quick and easy.

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