Good from the Ground Up

Cascadian Farm fields

For over 10,000 years humans have depended on soil. Today, soil depends on us. Due to agricultural processes including higher volume tillage and the use of pesticides and fertilizers—the health of our soil is decreasing at an alarming rate, and without healthy soil, we face more pollution and less cultivation.

Healthy soil is crucial for many important aspects of life on our planet:

  1. Soil Protection – Soil is a valuable natural resource, essential to creating healthy crops. Healthy soil helps plants soak up essential nutrients, capture carbon from the atmosphere, resist drought and disease.
  2. Water Conservation – Soil is crucial for a clean water supply, acting as a water filter, trapping pollutants before they enter the groundwater supply. Healthy soil can capture and store water during droughts.
  3. Vital Nutrients – Healthy soil contains micro-organisms, organic matter, carbon and oxygen to create a nutrient-rich and thriving ecosystem.
  4. Fresh Air – With low or no-till farming, soil works to capture carbon, preventing it from being released back into the air.

Cascadian Farm is dedicated to producing food you can feel good about eating. And it all starts with the soil we grow in. Taking care of the soil yields real world results we’d love to share. You can help create a sustainable future too; one bite at a time, by supporting brands like Cascadian Farm.