Favorite Cheeses of 2021

Birchrun Hills Cheeseboard
Photo courtesy of Birchrun Hills Farm

Survey says… Harvest Market loves cheese!

Here are our top 10 cheeses of 2021 along with some pairing suggestions:

  1. Goat Rodeo’s cow/goat Bamboozle with Pure Indian Foods Tamarind Date Chutney
  2. Goat Rodeo’s cow/goat Wild Rosemary with Brami Rosemary Garlic Lupini Beans
  3. Cypress Grove’s fluffy, gooey Humboldt Fog with baked in-house sweet potato curry dinner rolls, balsamic, and olive oil
  4. Birchrun Hills’ funky tart Fat Cat with roasted Kabocha squash and a drizzle of balsamic
  5. Clover Creek’s Royer Mountain, a Romano style aged cow milk cheese, with Poshi Marinated Artichoke pouch snacks and Karen’s Naturals Organic Freeze-Dried Pea Snacks
  6. Birchrun Hill’s bright, creamy fresh Cheese Curds with fresh grapes and roasted cashews
  7. Soft, supple and smearable Italian mixed milk Castelbelbo with papaya or mango
  8. Pan fried dulse with Finger Lakes Gold aged goat cheese from Lively Run Goat Dairy
  9. Harvest Market’s Hummus Tahini with piquant, nutty Spanish Queso Ibores
  10. Idiazabal, a smoked aged sheep milk cheese from Spain (think smoked Manchego), with tart apples, maple roasted almonds, and Baba’s Brew Kombucha