Ease Inflammation Naturally

74550a92df7052ced75b2cf5e61ac263Along with eating an anti-inflammatory diet*, the use of supplements can help support the body’s inflammation response. Many of these supplements utilize the amazing properties of turmeric, which has been used as a spice and in Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years.

A study by the University of Maryland Medical Center demonstrated that naturally occurring phyto-nutrients found in the turmeric rhizome, such as curcumin, can help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Other encouraging studies over the past 20 years indicate turmeric can help reduce abnormal inflammation, offer chronic pain relief and support cartilage regeneration.

Recently, more and more clinical studies involving human beings have shown curcumin can be of therapeutic benefit for a host of diseases and conditions, including: chronic pain; arthritis; digestive disorders; cancer; heart disease and obesity. A study in the peer-reviewed medical journal Current Alzheimer’s Research revealed that the antioxidant properties inherent in turmeric can actually stimulate the birth of new brain cells in the human brain. Because curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier, (meaning it can affect brain chemistry), it can play an important role in supporting a number of brain-health issues such as depression, poor memory, stroke related injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

For short and long-term inflammatory relief, as well as a multitude of other health benefits, “The Golden Knight” is a powerful ally to have in your diet and supplement regimen. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Harvest Market carries over 25 different anti-inflammatory supplements which all contain the turmeric rhizome and/or curcumin. Here are four brands which stand out:img_01808_big

  1. Life Extension Advanced Bio-Curcumin contains the much studied and patented curcumin BCM-95. Known for getting into the blood sooner and staying there longer, BCM-95 curcumin comes with a wealth of clinical data supporting its ability to help prevent and fight a wide range of diseases. You can read more about BCM-95 here: http://www.lef.org/magazine/2007/10/report_curcumin/Page-01
  2. Therecurmin, from Natural Factors, is a super bio-available trademarked supplement in which the curcumin is ground 100 times smaller than regular curcumin powder for better absorbability. In fact, researchers have shown that one 30 mg dose (in a 300 mg colloidal dispersion) of Theracurmin is equal to 8000 mg of regular curcumin powder.
  3. In line with New Chapter’s outstanding products, Turmeric Force utilizes a “whole food approach” to herbal supplementation. The full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in turmeric is concentrated and preserved, then delivered in a 100% vegetarian formula liquid v-cap equal to 3,960mg of turmeric.
  4. Jarrow’s Curcumin with Phytosome uses Meriva, a registered patent-pending proprietary delivery form of curcumin clinically tested for joint health and flexibility. Meriva consists of curcumin extract bound to phosphatidylcholine for increased absorption and bioavailability. It is also one of the most clinically tested forms of curcumin, which you can read more about here: http://www.altmedrev.com/publications/15/4/337.pdf
  5. new-turmeric-strength-60_1MegaFood’s Turmeric Strength for Whole Body, recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, combines 500 mg turmeric root extract and 100 mg organic turmeric root from Kauai Organic Farms. In addition to the turmeric, MegaFood’s formula also includes Vitamin C (from organic oranges), black cherry, black raspberry, cranberry and wild blueberry extract. Rounding out Mega’Food’s Turmeric Strength ingredient list is BioPerine black pepper extract. BioPerine is a highly researched clinically tested and patented catalyst, which enhances the assimilation and bioavailability of turmeric and its curcuminoid compounds. Harvest Market carries three different sizes of Turmeric Strength, (60, 90 and 120 tablets) as well as a 30-serving powder blend and convenient single serve packets, which can be added to smoothies or shaken into your bottled water for a delicious and refreshing anti-inflammatory beverage. Truly wonderful.

Note: MegaFood has received the Non-GMO Project Verified seal from the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is a third party certification program that assures a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO (genetically modified organism) avoidance.

Written by Henry, Wellness Manager

*In general, an anti-inflammatory diet would look something like this: 9-12 servings of organic vegetables a day, (especially dark leafy greens), healthy fats and oils, limited refined carbohydrates, minimal grains and starches, and no refined sugars. Proteins would include grass fed meats, wild caught fish, pastured eggs and chicken, and limited beans and legumes.

In other words: Pay strict attention (to say it nicely) to your consumption of breads, baked goods, cereals, pastas and sweets.