Drinks on a Mission

Every time you purchase one of these beverages, you’re helping to make the world a better place. Cheers to your health and giving back!

Humankind DrinksHumankind // Kind Human Foundation

Water presents the World’s Biggest Problem… Nearly one billion people on this spinning planet lack access to safe drinking water. That’s one person in seven. Half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with someone either sick or dying from lack of clean water or sanitation. Exact figures are debate, but somewhere around 4,000 children will die today for no other reason than lack of clean drinking water, making that ugly fact the single biggest cause of preventable death among children in the world today.

In Haiti, for example, nobody could have done anything to prevent the earthquake, or the countless loss of lives which followed seconds later. But most folks don’t realize that the already deplorable lack of clean drinking water and decent sanitation got even worse in the months that followed the quake.  As if the country hadn’t suffered enough, the earthquake was followed by an outbreak of Cholera– a horrible, crippling illness which can take the lives of the very young and the elderly in just hours. Everybody knows about the earthquake. Few are aware of the thousands who lost their lives from Cholera in the months that followed. Lack of clean water kills more than all forms of violence in the world, including war.

Humankind’s purpose is a response to this global crisis, to get people around the world the most basic of human needs – clean drinking water. For every bottle of Humankind Iced Tea or Lemonade you purchase, Humankind provides 100 days of clean drinking water for one person. Harvest Market offers the Humankind Organic Jasmine Lime Green Tea, Organic Sweet Tea and Organic Strawberry Lemonade (seasonal only). By purchasing Humankind drinks, the buying public has helped to install wells and filters in several countries and communities worldwide – making a world of a difference, one bottle at a time. To date, Humankind is completed over 130 water placements in 8 countries on 4 continents and one project in Flint, Michigan. They are creating a global movement – they’ve been active in Haiti, India, Uganda, Malawi, Nepal, The Dominican Republic, Tanzania and right here in the United States.

In addition to their beverage sales, Humankind also has its “sister” 501c3, the The Kind Human Foundation, formerly called “Give 100” because, unless specifically designated for overhead, 100% of your donation goes directly to water projects around the world, and the due diligence to see to it that they are properly installed and maintained. The Kind Human Foundation exists so that any individual who doesn’t wish to buy Humankind products, but does want to help, can do so and get a tax deduction through monetary donations.

Guayaki // Guayaki FoundationGuayaki Yerba Mate

Guayaki is working to make organic, fair-trade yerba mate the mainstream energy source of choice, and prove that a company can be profitable while operating sustainably. They are an organization of individuals whose daily work is to bring you the finest yerba mate on the planet (that’s fueled with solar power and sold in biodegradable packaging, too!). Started in 1996 with a vision of protecting and restoring the South American rainforests and empowering the native forest people, they are, with your help, actively achieving that goal, sip by sip. Harvest Market sells Guayaki Yerba Mate in glass bottles as well as a sparkling variety in our refrigerator.

You’ve heard the expression “money does not grow on trees.” Well, today Guayaki is proving that “money does grow on trees” and rainforest-grown yerba mate is the new green currency. It provides the peoples of the rainforest with income as well as the ability to steward their land. In 2009, Guayakí became the first Fair Trade Certified yerba mate company in the world through IMO.

Regenerating Ecosystems, Building Vibrant Communities

For 15 years, Guayakí Yerba Mate has pioneered a model of sustainable development that empowers local indigenous communities in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to regenerate and protect the Atlantic Rainforest while earning a sustainable income for their labors. By leveraging access to international markets for organic, fairly traded yerba mate these communities have secured sustainable revenues and developed community infrastructure and organization while protecting and restoring the Atlantic Rainforest.

Mate Trim Party

This year, Guayakí is launching a Foundation to further the community development, conservation, and social and ecological regeneration commitment of Guayakí Yerba Mate in South America. The Guayakí Foundation will work with partner communities in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil through direct grant making and technical assistance to encourage:

  • equal and full participation in its governance
  • safe and reliable access to water, sanitation, and healthy food systems
  • use of its economic activities to regenerate its environmental and social capitalRainforest

The mutually dependent and beneficial interplay between economic development and ecological conservation binds the well being of partner communities to the health of their Atlantic Rainforest. This holistic approach to sustainable development and conservation places partner communities as stewards of these fragile ecosystems, ensuring that today’s conservation efforts endure for generations.

Guayaki Rainforest Projects

Guayaki Social and Environmental Awards

REBBL // Not For Sale

Maca Mocha. Turmeric Golden-Milk. Reishi Chocolate. The names alone are enough to make you wanna crack open a bottle of REBBL drinks.

REBBL Maca Mocha

REBBL Turmeric Golden MilkREBBL Reishi Chocolate

Roots. Extracts. Berries. Bark. Leaves. This is the stuff that plants are made of, the five different plant parts that people eat. For plant-forward beverage innovator REBBL, plants are not merely what the company does business in. Those five plant parts create an acronym for the company’s full name—REBBL.

REBBL was born out of a passionate collaboration between global thought-leaders to identify an innovative, sustainable, market-based solution to prevent exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon.

REBBL’s commitment to sourcing is demonstrated through their use of sustainably-farmed and organic products from people who provide fair labor practices. A core part of the REBBL mission is to use efficacious levels of functional herbs and uncompromising plant-powered ingredients, which are delivered in clean, indulgent coconut milk elixirs.

“REBBL represents the best of the plant queendom,” says Rachel Hauser, REBBL community manager. “It’s an idea deeply rooted in our brand, which celebrates plants and the power of plant-based products. We position our products as a celebration of these amazing plant-based ingredients. That really gets people excited and wanting to engage more with the brand. As a brand, it’s our responsibility to drive awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet. We want to share the nutrient-rich properties of plants, and how good you feel.”

REBBL, a certified B Corp., not only celebrates plant consumption but has a social mission around helping eliminate human trafficking in business supply chains. REBBL donates 2.5% of revenue to Not For Sale to support regions of the world that are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. Not For Sale continues to be a key resource for REBBL, conducting risk-assessments of the full supply chain in order to help ensure it remains ethical and transparent. REBBL is working with Not For Sale staff to create impact and supply chain reports to share with their consumers.

With each purchase, consumers can take a stand against this global issue.