BYOB Accountability

Bring Your Own Bag

Sure, I have a reusable bag. But I left it at home.

Some Harvest Marketers (yes, that’s what we call each other) are so organized. These folks always have their money or card ready in the queue. They have unloaded their carts, separated dry from cold, and have their bags waiting to load by the time we scan their first item. Some of us – my hand is raised! – struggle to get our bags to the store.

I’m paying attention. I’m always reminding myself that reduce and reuse come before recycle. I use compostable bags to pick up after my dogs. I challenge my household to keep our water consumption down and recycle water when possible. If you know me, you know I even made an environmental choice when growing my family. But I still haven’t made a habit of bringing my reusable bags to the grocery store every trip.

I used to be a person who would lose their keys all the time. It sounds ridiculous now, but somehow I couldn’t bother to put them in the same place when I got home. I’m happy to say that I was cured of looking for my keys every time I left the house… It just took a commitment and a few weeks of discipline. Now, I am committing to bring my bags to the store.

I started this morning by stashing two emergency bags in my car and walking one in the door with me. When I get home tonight, I’m going to hang my bag with my keys! Please let’s help each other. At the register, when I ask you if you brought your bags, please ask me if I brought mine. I’m 100% committed to saying yes. And we are in this together.

Written by Laura Henderson, Shift Leader