Be a REBBL with a Cause

REBBL Drinks

Did you know that our line of REBBL drinks support the end of human trafficking? GULP! Yes, that’s right; every delicious sip you take of these glorious functional beverages get our world one step closer to ending human trafficking. Not For Sale and REBBL are working in partnership to support regions of the world that are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking, thereby helping communities to thrive and prevent their vulnerability to trafficking in the first place. Check this out:

In an effort to create a more long-term, sustainable solution to support Not For Sale’s global initiatives, the foundation created REBBL as an alternative to fundraising, and to provide a structure to prevent communities from being vulnerable in the first place. Today, the beverage brand sources ingredients from communities worldwide, yielding plant-based options that nourish consumers, empower growers, honor the planet and support a future without human trafficking.

– New Hope Network’s “REBBL with a cause: End human trafficking” article

REBBL Drinks LogoNot just that, the nutritional benefits of this plant-based line of drinks are equally lofty! These tasty elixirs are packed with herbs, adaptogens, mushrooms, and spices that enhance the flavor and nutrient density of what’s a deeply pleasurable experience. Be a REBBL with a cause and try one of the five varieties offered at Harvest Market:

  • Maca Cold Brew
  • Ashwagandha Spicy Chai
  • Reishi Chocolate
  • Matcha Latte
  • Maca Mocha

Visit the Not For Sale campaign’s website to learn how you can support their mission to end human trafficking.