Annie’s Vegan Mac

Annie's Vegan Mac and CheeseMeet Harvest Market’s newest mac and cheese – Annie’s Homegrown Organic Vegan Mac made with a yummy cheddar flavor! Whether you’re vegan, or you’re just diggin’ a plant-based diet, we have no doubt that you’ll deem our new Vegan Cheddar Mac the most delicious new dish around. It’s made without any artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives, and offers the same comforting cheddar taste you’ll find in classic dairy mac and cheese (without the milk or cheese!) So grab a spoon and dig in – we can’t wait to hear what you think.

About Annie’s Homegrown

Annie Withey believed that it is possible to build a socially conscious and successful business. This was her goal when she started making delicious Mac and Cheese and selling it from her car trunk when she co-founded the company back in 1989. Nearly 30 years later, Annie’s values still serve as the foundation for everything they do. Based in Berkeley, California, they like challenging conventions by riding bikes to work, snatching veggies from their back-office garden, and stocking recycled toilet paper in their bathrooms. Anything to make the world a little better, because the journey to become a socially conscious and successful business has no end point.