5 Ways to Elevate Your Plate with Goat Cheese

Did you know that Harvest Market has its very own cheesemonger named Abby? We are so incredibly thankful for Abby’s expertise (otherwise known as her expert-cheese) on all things CHEESE! Just in time for Mother’s Day, Abby put together this lovely list of ways to use goat cheese for every day and special day occasions. Enjoy!

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Goat Rodeo Hootenanny Cheese
Goat Rodeo Hootenanny

From citrusy and crumbly when young, to gooey and nutty when soft-ripened, to straight up caramel fudge when aged, the broad range of flavors and textures inherent in goat cheese makes for a fun time on the pairing scene. For example, the bitter, spicy nuance in a cheese like Queso Ibores pairs well with Spanish olives, while the nutty, caramel-like Midnight Moon, Finger Lakes Gold, or Hootenanny, will buckle your knees when you try them crumbled over coffee ice cream.


Another reason we love goat cheese is for its abundant health benefits. Depending on its age, an ounce of goat cheese packs in around 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat, making it an easy and satisfying way to integrate these essential nutrients into your diet. Goat cheese also contains a healthy amount of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s), which are easy to digest and provide immediate energy. Fresh goat cheese, also known as “chèvre,” is an excellent addition to any salad. Now that it’s springtime and the goats are grazing on fresh sweet grass, all kinds of herbs, and wild greens, chèvre is especially tasty and packed full of micro nutrients. Some of our favorite salad recipes that include goat cheese include mixed greens with toasted pecans, strawberry and basil, roasted beet salad with toasted nuts and lemon ginger vinaigrette, or a black bean and corn salad with sweet potato, red onion, romaine, cabbage and spinach.

Merry Goat Round
Merry Goat Round

What combinations do you like that involve citrus and nuts? Next time you’re making a salad, consider adding some fresh chèvre to these flavors and watch the sparks fly!


For a savory slice of heaven, try garlicky sautéed ramps and mushrooms with silky, melted, Merry Goat Round and your favorite crusty bread. We also recommend these two grilled goat cheese recipes from the New York Times.


How about a trip to a tropical paradise? Spanning the flavor spectrum from earthy and sweet to acidic and funky, tropical fruit and goat cheese pairings are especially dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing. Dried bananas, mango, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, and ripe plantain are all delicious with any soft-ripened, fresh or aged goat cheese (ex. Midnight Moon, Finger Lakes Gold, or Hootenanny.) Sprinkle that board with some coconut flakes and cacao nibs, and call it a day!

Finger Lakes Gold Goat Cheese
Finger Lakes Gold Goat Cheese


Celebrate mom with a DIY cheeseboard, customized just for her! We love foraging in the store for themed cheeseboard accompaniments… If she is longing for a trip to Spain and a night of Tapas, grab a wedge of Drunken Goat, Queso Ibores, and a wheel of Merry Goat Round. Double up on Marcona almonds, Divina brand fig and/or olive spreads, located next to the blue cheeses, and an assortment of olives. Buen provecho!

If mom is a chocolate lover, go to town with a chocolate and cheese pairing. Aged goat cheeses, with their nutty, bitter-sweet flavor profile, and low acidity, are a perfect match with chocolate. Simply choose a theme and go with it!