Word on Curd: Cheese Boxes, Creative Charcuterie Pack-and-Go’s, and Back-to-School Lunches for Fall

With school season starting up again, and with it the return of packing lunches and snacks to go, what better way to refresh your packed lunch routine, and engage the kids, than by creating customized cheese and charcuterie “Lunch Boxes”? Keep yourselves, and the young ones, fueled and stimulated throughout the day with packed lunches and snacks of finger fruits, veggies, crackers, nuts and seeds, and wedges/cubes of your and their favorite cheeses. Maybe the kids could create their own “cheese map and passport,” to document their favorites, and how they approached the various components (stacked, dipped, spread, or each individually?) Let cheese not only fuel your day, but provide the whole family with an opportunity to learn about history, different cultures, geographic locations, and the science of cheesemaking!
New Seasonal Flavor of Linden Dale Chevre for September: Hot Pepper! Spice things up with new Hot Pepper flavored chevre from Linden Dale Farm: fresh, creamy goat cheese with a spicy kick and just a touch of honey.