Word on Curd: New Cheeses, and Returning Seasonal Favorites, for June

With spring ripening into summer, our cheese case and dairy fridge are overflowing with options for your graduation parties, cookouts, beach vacations, picnics, and all kinds of gatherings, from simple to elaborate. Many of the new cheeses we have in stock are excellent components to easy meals, with simple, fresh ingredients. Whether it’s Certified Organic Eden Valley cheese curds for sautéing and tossing over a salad, or fresh chevre from Linden Dale Farm to round out your grilled veggie dish, or even a wild mushroom scallion Jack for melting over your burgers, we’ve got your dairy needs covered!

New Cheeses, and Returning Seasonal Favorites, for June

“Batch #40” by the Farm at Doe Run (while supplies last~ will be available on a rotating basis throughout the summer. Please let us know at customer service if you’d like us to save this cheese for you when it becomes available) : A round lactic set made with 100% goat’s milk, presented in a lovely wrinkly rind. With flavor notes of lemon and apple, and nutty, sourdough cream.

Organic Cheese Curds by Eden Valley Creamery, in South Dayton, New York: Available in original and horseradish flavor. Creamy, squeaky and bright, these curds feature the nutrient-rich milk of the pastured cows in beautiful Western Upstate New York. Try them sautéed, or even grilled!
Strawberry Chevre from Linden Dale Farm: A returning seasonal favorite, just in time for strawberry season! Fresh, creamy, fluffy chevre, blended with just the right amount of organic strawberry. Delivering the essence of strawberry, not too sweet, enjoy this treat in a savory preparation with basil, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, or take it to the sweet side with more berries and maple roasted nuts. Also delicious in a spinach arugula salad!
Forage Mushroom & Scallion Jack from Kindred Creamery, in Wisconsin: A creamy, semi-soft, smooth and buttery Jack-style cheese, flecked with generous amounts of wild mushroom and scallion, and a hint of garlic. Delicious melted in an omelette, or on a burger or quesadillas, or cubed up and tossed in a salad or on a snack plate.
Ghost Pepper Colby Jack from Kindred Creamery, in Wisconsin: A smooth, pliant, firm and creamy Colby Jack, seasoned with both ghost and habanero peppers, packs a good amount of heat, and melts beautifully.
Brieba Goat Brie by Barn First, in Westfield, Vermont, is back for the spring and summer months! Brieba is a soft-ripened goat brie-style cheese, with a thin layer of vegetable ash through the center.