WellBeing by Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs not only crafts quality herbal supplements, but strives for sustainability, responsible sourcing, farming and harvesting, and ethical business practices. Their product transparency is paramount, with their industry-first herb traceability program, virtual farm tours, and “meet our farmers” segment on their website. They also have true investment in organic practices, putting “more funding back into research and development of the future of herbal products and organic farming.

Gaia Herb Farm

“Our business decisions continue to be guided by our values and our commitment to people, planet and purpose — not by profits alone. We’ve developed our business practices to be aligned with the inherent wisdom of nature, to cultivate economic opportunity and social well-being in the communities we work in, and to foster the welfare of our employees across the country.” – Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs WellbeingRelatively unique in the herbal market, Gaia offers Daily WellBeing, one formulated specifically for the female system, the other for male, with herbal extracts plus plant sourced vitamins and minerals. More than a multi-vitamin, Daily WellBeing supports, nourishes and tones your body’s systems instead of just offering isolated nutrients. “Four unique herbal combinations — Inflammatory Response, Immune Health, Stress Management and Women’s/Men’s Health — deliver support in the key areas of wellness.”

Gaia also offers a natural herbal blend of libido enhancers for both men and women, as a regular boost for vitality, desire, and healthy reproductive organs.