Welcome, Cadia!

Cadia LogoPerhaps you’ve noticed Cadia branded products appearing on shelves as our new high-quality, high-value store brand. Continue to look for beverages, canned goods, condiments, frozen foods, snacks, and other Cadia products throughout the store, eventually replacing nearly all of our Tree of Life products.

Cadia was founded in July 2010 with the mission of creating a brand of affordable organic and natural foods that taste great. Cadia launched with 80 products including beans, juice, chips, and vegetables, and has now grown to more than 200 products. Cadia’s tagline is “Abundance of Simplicity,” and they believe just that. Cadia holds a firm belief that food should be enjoyed and even celebrated for the simple pleasures it offers. The products offered are farmed sustainably and use natural and high-quality ingredients. Enjoying honest, simple, and organic ingredients paves the way to a rich life filled with abundant pleasures.

The majority of Cadia’s products come from family farms in North America-many are second and third generation. Cadia supports family farming and seeks out suppliers who practice sustainable farming whenever possible.

Cadia Festive Banner Cadia’s website offers a range of recipes, such as this one pictured at right for Southwestern Tortilla Soup. Find more mouth-watering recipes in the following categories:Cadia Frozen Vegetables


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