We Gotcha, Matcha!

Matcha Tea WhiskWhen it comes to matcha, we gotcha covered at Harvest Market!

A Japanese Tradition

Matcha, the traditional Japanese preparation of finely ground shade-grown gyokuro green tea buds, has been prized by tea drinkers for centuries. In recent years, matcha has surged in popularity not just as a traditional hot beverage, but also as a distinctive nutrition-boosting ingredient in smoothies, desserts, and many other recipes. Harvest Market is meeting this rising demand with several exciting new products from Green Foods, Frontier Co-Op, and Republic of Tea.

How To Enjoy Matcha

One of the great things about matcha is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. Take advantage of matcha’s naturally high levels of the antioxidant EGCG by adding a tablespoon of Green Foods organic matcha to your favorite smoothie recipe. Add matcha’s unique flavor and beautiful green color to this awesome Green Tea Ice Cream recipe with Frontier Co-Op’s organic bulk matcha (available in the Bulk Herb and Spice aisle). Or have a tasty variation on a classic matcha with Republic of Tea’s U-Matcha Ginger. Be sure to pick up one of our traditional Japanese matcha whisks and check out this guide to the traditional preparation method.

Let us know which matcha is your favorite, and tell us your favorite matcha recipe!