We Are Grateful


We are truly grateful!

Who and what are we so thankful for?

  • The multi-generational family farmers at T.A. Farms who not only raise the turkeys for months before Thanksgiving, they grow the feed for the turkeys, as well. Our customers purchased 154 turkeys from T.A. Farms in 2017.

  • The farmers at Plainville Farms who raised turkeys organically for 58 of our customers.

  • The 59 people at T.A. Farms who processed turkeys the weekend before Thanksgiving.

  • The 10 Harvest Market Staff who came to work on a Sunday to receive the turkeys.

  • The  fresh turkeys who sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy a meaningful meal with those we love this time of year.

  • The farmers who toil in all kinds of weather conditions to furnish our table with the vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, baked goods, and beverages that we rely upon to fuel our bodies and our spirits.

  • The 53 dedicated Harvest Market Staff who keep the shelves stocked and the registers running all week long.

  • The loyal customers who make our mission so worthwhile for the last 22 years.

This Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for many things, especially one another. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

We give thanks for the plants and animals who have given themselves so that we can enjoy this meal together.
We also give thanks for our friends and family who have traveled here today.
May this meal bring us strength and health.

– Variation on a Native American thanksgiving