Urban Moonshine’s Joy Tonic

Urban Moonshine is a small family run business located in Burlington, Vermont. They have created a fantastic product line of modern organic herbal medicines, including bitters and tonics, with a goal to help inspire and “reawaken (our) interest in preventative medicine.”Image

Joy Tonic is an organic blend of aromatic flowers and herbs, which helps support our body’s healthy response to stress while gently uplifting the spirit. As such, by “engaging the stressor,” stress can become an apparatus for positive, personal transformation rather than a source of anxiety.

Our Supplement Manager, Henry, likes to take 1/2 teaspoon of Joy Tonic in a High Country Wild Root Kombucha towards the early evening. Henry finds the herbal and root combination fosters an emotional balance of well being, while allowing the mental “monkey chatter” of the day to gently dissipate.

Try up to one teaspoon a day to:

                  • Relax into a restful evening’s sleep.
                  • Relieve tension and help support the nervous system.
                  • Promote a peaceful synchronicity between the body and the mind.
                  • Help calm an over-processing brain, allowing your thoughts to make room for lucidity.

For more information and inspiration, please visit Urban Moonshine’s website.