Natural Deodorant That Truly Works

Truly's Deodorant

When I was first transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, I really only thought about changing my diet. And although I believe that the diet is the most significant component to healthy living, it’s not the only component. Fitness plays a role, your sleep schedule, your water intake, and, — this one tends to fall under the radar — the things you wear. A lot of the time you don’t consider that the products you are applying to your body can have an effect on your health, but they do. And a big one that I had a hard time improving was the deodorant that I was wearing.

I’ll admit it: conventional deodorants smell amazing. It’s like they take the most delicious scents in the world, and compact them into a bar that you can rub under your armpits so you can smell amazing, as well. The issue with this is that they use carcinogenic materials and harmful chemicals to make the stick smell so good. Is damaging your body really worth smelling like pine trees and rose petals?

Truly's DeodorantIn the past, when I’d think about organic and natural deodorants, I’d think of deodorants made from baking soda and astringent-smelling crystals — which didn’t appeal to me at all. I didn’t want to smell like the doctor’s office; I wanted to smell fresh and alluring. But when I started working at Harvest Market, I was introduced to a boat-load of natural deodorants, none of which smell like sterile chemicals at the doctor’s office. In fact, they smell just as good as the deodorants that I’d find at any drug-store, except they weren’t loaded with carcinogenic parabens, aluminum, and harmful fragrances.

And by far, the best deodorant that I’ve tried at Harvest Market — and I’ve tried a lot of them — is “Truly’s Deodorant.” This minimal-ingredient coconut-based deodorant works better than any natural deodorant I’ve ever used. The original scent only has four ingredients: coconut oil, powdered sugar, baking soda, and beeswax. You could even eat this deodorant if you wanted to. And the creamsicle scent has those four main ingredients, plus a few essential oils (don’t eat this one). The deodorant lasts all day, and the scent is like dessert. You just dip your finger in the container, grab a pea-sized dollop, and rub it in! If you’d like to pick some up, you can come to take a look at it in our Wellness Aisle, along with the rest of our deodorants.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

– David, Front End/Customer Service Staff Member