Tinctures 101: Herbs, Bitters and Your Immune System

Serenity Compound Tincture

“I love tinctures because they have an incredibly long shelf life. They are super potent and extremely convenient. They are easy to store, simple to ingest, and travel well. The best way to take a tincture is sublingually (underneath the tongue). This maximizes their full effect. This process also allows the herb to directly enter into your bloodstream. In many ways, tinctures can replace pharmaceuticals (working with a trained herbalist, of course). With herbs you get the power of medicine, without the ugly side effects of most over the counter medications.

In most cases (dependent upon the herb), tinctures are very fast acting and will communicate some shift to our body. Think of having a glass of wine and how fast is gets into your bloodstream. Well, the effect of the herb in the form of a tincture can often be felt right away. [Even though most tinctures (and I believe the most potent ones) are done in an extract of alcohol, the amount you are actually consuming is comparable to eating a really ripe banana.]

In the fast paced world we live in, we often forget to listen to our bodies and really pay attention to what is going on. Herbs are a great gateway to looking inward while also nourishing ourselves. While modern medicine can indeed save lives, herbs came first. Tinctures and herbal medicine have been around for millennia. It is a profound feeling when a connection is made to nature and all it offers. Herbal medicine allows us to reconnect, learn, and get back to our roots.”

-Alyssa, Wellness Team Staff Member

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