There’s A New Vinegar In Town: Baba’s Acid Trip

We’ve always been big fans of Baba’s Brew and now we’re happy to carry Baba’s brand new Acid Trip Vinegars in Pear Ginger, Raspberry Lime, Cayenne, and Grapefruit! Acid Trip is an incredible living vinegar that has journeyed through many realms of fermentation – the talented team at Baba’s curated their kombucha over many months and tended to the SCOBY, which converts residual sugars into acetic and other organic acids to help create a flavorful kombucha vinegar.

Rich in probiotics and antibiotics from the green and black tea that forms the backbone of Baba’s OG kombucha brew, these low acidity vinegars are the perfect addition to your favorite cocktails, mocktails and more.

Find Baba’s Acid Trip in store on the same shelf as our olive oils and vinegars!

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