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Solgar CherrySolgar Tart Cherry

Solgar’s Tart Cherry is a natural way to protect against free radical damage and ease inflammation. Tart cherries are a great source of polyphenol antioxidant compounds, including quercetin, chlorogenic acid, and anthocyanins, which may help reduce oxidative damage to the cells in our bodies caused by free radicals. Consumption of tart cherry has also been linked with a marked decrease of uric acid and inflammatory markers in the bloodstream, helping to alleviate pain and swelling associated with gout and arthritis.

Studies have suggested that in addition to positively impacting joint health, tart cherry could also improve the health and function of the heart and other muscles. Solgar’s Tart Cherry vegetarian capsules are a convenient way to consume effective amounts of this amazing fruit when it’s not feasible, or affordable, to eat a whole bucket of fresh cherries every day.

Solgar CurcuminSolgar Full Spectrum Curcumin

Curcumin: the anti-inflammatory flavanoid compound in vibrant turmeric root, widely studied for its many applications and uses in natural healing. Unlike most curcumin supplements, which are mostly fat-soluble, Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin is readily absorbed into the bloodstream without an additional fat source. This is due to being encapsulated with micelles, which make the curcumin water-soluble, allowing for faster and more efficient absorption.

In recent studies, Solgar’s Full Spectrum Curcumin was shown to be 185x more readily available compared to native curcumin powder, and stayed in the blood stream for up for 24hrs. This allows for just one dose a day and quicker results.

Solgar No.7

If you’re looking for more than just a turmeric or boswellia pill, Solgar No.7 is a smart choice. Containing an all-star team of anti-inflammatory herbs and extracts, this unassumingly named product has all your bases covered for joint pain and swelling with 7 key ingredients. Vitamin C to naturally enhance your body’s collagen production; 5-Loxin, a patented extract of Boswellia (frankincense resin) proven to reduce inflammation in human studies; Turmeric root, a well known in Ayurvedic medicine for being anti-inflammatory to the whole body; Cartilage and Collagen to sooth and smooth degenerative joint tissue; White Willow, known as nature’s aspirin for natural pain relief; and Ginger root, another Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory, which along with the black and cayenne pepper compound, acts synergistically with the turmeric to enhance its effects.

Solgar 7