Summertime and the Living is Cheesy…

Sunrise Farm at Doe Run
The Farm at Doe Run is located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Summertime, and the living is cheesy…

Taste the full expression of summertime milk, in all its buttery, beta-carotene-rich glory! We are pleased to introduce a whole host of new local soft cheeses, coming to you fresh from local farms and cheesemakers, some of whom you may have met at our recent Cheese and Bees event. In case you missed it, not to worry, we’ve stocked our new cheese case with many of these featured cheeses, in addition to our “Summer Cheeseboard Tips” tasting brochures, available to take home with you. Check out these new cheeses and fresh dairy products the next time you’re in:

Birchrun Hills

  • Little Chardy ~ A picnic-ready, 5-6 oz. square-shaped bloomy rind: rich, smooth, and classic to a Camembert style- yet more complex with age. Made with pasteurized cow milk.
  • Honey Sea Salt Fromage Blanc ~ A fluffy, delectable, cow milk fresh cheese spread in 8 oz. containers. Made with local Swarmbustin’ Honey!
  • Red Cat ~ Supple, meaty, raw cow milk semi-soft. If you like Taleggio, you will LOVE Red Cat!

Perrystead Dairy

  • Field Day ~ Tasting notes from cheesemaker, Yoav Perry: “Field Day wheels are cave-aged on beds of rye straw. The rinds are initially washed with an infusion of the straw, imparting color, tannins, aromatic compounds and some beneficial rind flora that develops color and break down acid, proteins and fat in a very polite manner. Towards the end of aging, it gets you with funky aromas of fields, cellar, sulfur, mushroom and cabbage on the outside, but once you are in …expect a lighter milder flavor exposing some of the sweetness of the milk. Milky, buttery, and fruit-forward, this is a great showcase of the local spring season, pasteurized, PA cow milk.”

Linden Dale Farm Goat Dairy

  • Honey Chevre (4 oz.)
  • Cranberry Chevre (4 oz.)
  • Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt (16 oz.)
  • “Drinkable” Swiss-Style Yogurt (16 oz.) ~  Tasting note from the cheesemakers, on the texture of the yogurt: “The Swiss yogurt is a whole-milk yogurt, meaning that it is milk and yogurt culture—nothing added or removed. Goat milk casein and butterfat is different molecularly than cow milk, so it leads to a thinner body.” Ideal for a refreshing drink or overnight oats!
Willow Cheese
Willow from The Farm at Doe Run

Farm at Doe Run

  • Old Red ~ Notes from the cheesemakers: “Inspired by the Spanish grasslands, this cheese is earthy with a touch caramel popcorn flavor. The texture is slightly crumbly while still producing a high cream taste that lingers on the palate. It is truly unique! Pasteurized cow, sheep, and goat’s milk. Aged 9-10 months.”
  • Willow (pictured here) ~ Notes from the cheesemakers: “A seasonal soft cheese that features all three of our milking herds: cow, sheep and goat’s milk. This soft-ripened “snow ball” is soft and delicious with dynamic notes of hay, mushroom and cream topped with a beautiful wrinkly rind. The mouth feel is like biting a cloud with a high fat content and flavors of cream, hay and earthy mushroom. This cheese encompasses the high pasture season and is a perfect representation of our three milking herds. 8.5 oz. each.”