Staff Pick September

Staff Pick

Look for this logo throughout the store to discover which items our staff love the most!

From our very own Harvest Market Kitchen:

Cinnamon Toast Scone

“It’s so delicious, not too sweet and has the right amount of cinnamon. Perfect breakfast item!”

– Jocelyn, Receiving Specialist

Hummingbird Cake

“The cream cheese frosting is absolutely delectable and the banana and pineapple cake is perfect for a hot summer day!”

– Alexus, Baker

Almond Coconut Bar

“It’s a great quick and filling breakfast.”

– Aidan, Produce Assistant

Hoppin’ John Burger

“The Hoppin’ John wrap is my newest fav! It’s super healthy and abundant in flavor!! Great job HMK!”

– Mindy, Front End/Customer Service

Nutty Novelties Cashew Butter

“It’s super fresh, tasty and has a great texture.”

– Bob, Founder and CEO

GT’s Alive Root Beer

“It tastes great, it has the magic of three medicinal mushrooms, not too sweet and the label is beautiful! It feels special!”

– Megan, Chef and Kitchen Manager

evanhealy Lavender HydroSoul

“It helps my skin feel hydrated after cleansing! It’s also easy to apply and dries quickly.”

– Amanda, Point of Sale Assistant

D’Artagnan Rib-Eye Steak

“It is probably one of the top five steaks I have ever had in my life!”

– Brody, Perishable Manager

Kauffman’s Apple Cider

“It’s the perfect balance of sweet, refreshing, and smooth. Truly how all apple cider should taste.”

– Izzy, Produce Assistant

Divina Chili Fig Spread

“Sweet and spicy, all in one! I eat it with Miyokos Chive Cashew Milk Cheese and a slice of fresh pear on top of a cracker or baguette!”

– Cheryl, Shift Leader

Garrett Valley Classic Dry-Rubbed Bacon

“We cook it every weekend.”

– Jim, Bulk Assistant

GoMacro Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bar

“It has enough protein to get me through the morning, and not too much sugar. I love it! Add a Baba’s Brew Flower Power Kombucha and that’s breakfast!”

– Heather, Grocery Manager

Ozuke Napa and Garlic Kimchi

“It kicks! I eat a serving every day.”

– Laura, Shift Leader

Watacharee’s Yellow Thai Curry

“It is delicious! Super easy and quick! Restaurant quality at home.”

– Carrie, Marketing Assistant

Runamok Wood Smoked Maple Syrup

“A smoky spin in a delicious classic! Use it on pancakes and waffles and in sauces and glazes. Check out more recipes ideas on their website.”

– Adam, Specialty Grocery Buyer

Happy Baby Creamies

“My son enjoys them so much! I feel good about choosing them as a snack for him. Both flavors are a favorite!”

– Sarah, Bakery Lead

ABC Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie

“Great taste, reasonable price!”

– Solyn, Front End and Personal Shopper

Perfect Bars

“They are a perfect snack mid-morning when you need that pick me up.”

– Bruce, Produce Assistant

Equal Exchange Congo Coffee

“It’s delicious, organic and fair trade! $1 from the sale of each bag is donated to the Panzi Foundation, which supports survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

– Holly, Marketing and Sustainability Manager

Cocojune Yogurt

“They are tasty, filling and have minimal ingredients!”

– Kyle, Point of Sale Administrator

Tierra Farm Dried Mango

“It’s chewy and sweet with no added sugar!”

– Amanda, Point of Sale Assistant

Emerald Labs Allergy Health Supplement

“I love this product because it has a great blend of nutrients to support sinus health.”

– Annie, Wellness Manager

RISHI Sparkling Botanicals

“I am IN LOVE with the line of RISHI Sparkling Botanicals. Their unique and subtle flavors invite you to sip slowly and enjoy the ritual of pausing to have a drink. They are excellent and special on their own ( no sugar and no alcohol), and they would also make good mixers if desired. I have tried and enjoyed every flavor, but the ones I feel pulled to recently are Schisandra Berry, Dandelion Ginger and Tumeric Saffron. Did I mention that their colors are also subtle and beautiful? Nothing less than a sublime experience. My personal pick for a moment of zen.”

– Megan, Chef and Kitchen Manager

Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Popcorn

“The sweet and the salty taste of the popcorn pairs well tgether and make for a really nice balance. This popcorn is always a hit at any gathering I hold. 10/10 recommend.”

– Anna, Front End/Customer Service

Rise Chocolate Oat Latte

“They are so rich and creamy, and the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!”

– Beth, Assistant Kitchen Manager

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags and Biodegradable Cheese Paper 
“Keep your cheeses fresher longer, with these new cheese storage products. You’ll be delighted by how well they maintain the flavor of your cheeses! Easy to use, eco-friendly, and reusable, they create the perfect climate for your cheeses: not too dry, not too moist, with optimal humidity and air flow. These also make great gifts, and additions to gift baskets!”
– Abby, Cheesemonger