Spotlight on: Linden Dale Farm Goat Dairy, New Cheeses for April, and Cheese-accented Spring Brunch Recipes

Spotlight on Linden Dale Farm 

We recently had the opportunity to visit our friends at Linden Dale Farm, to meet the new generation of baby goats, and get a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life at Linden Dale Farm, in Ronks, PA. We came away with a renewed appreciation for this seventh generation family farmstead goat dairy and artisan cheesemaking operation, and a hunger for more. As such, we are so pleased to announce that we are bringing on some additional goat dairy products from Linden Dale Farm for you to enjoy:
  • Goat Gouda: A raw farmstead cave-aged goat cheese with a cream wax rind. A firm, pliant texture, with a creamy, nutty flavor, becoming delightfully sharp as it ages. Cave-aged between 10-24 months.

  • Caprino Romano: An exceptional raw farmstead cave-aged goat cheese, similar to a combination of vintage Gouda and Italian Romano, with flavors of caramel, browned butter, and umami. Cave-aged for 18-36 months. Protein crystal formation lends a crunchy, creamy texture, for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Pair with Linden Dale Goat Caramel for a sensational bite!

  • Lavender Chevre: The latest flavor to join the line of fresh goat cheese from our favorite local goats! Made with a touch of honey, and a sprinkle of dried lavender.

  • Linden Dale Goat Caramel 4oz jar: Taste the essence of Linden Dale’s inherently sweet, nutty goat milk, boiled down for 8 hours, with only a touch of organic sugar. This caramel is out of this world, with nutty, umami undertones. Arriving Thursday, April 13) 

New Cheeses for April:
  • Blumenkase: A creamy semi-hard Alpine cow milk cheese from Switzerland, coated in dried wildflower petals. Flavors of toffee and caramelized onions. (Arriving Wednesday, April 5th) 

  • 8 oz New Moon Goat Brie by Old Chatham Creamery, Hudson Valley, NY: A goat milk brie with a supple, velvety texture, and a flavor profile of citrus, nuts, and cream. Mild yet rich in flavor.

  • Italian Pecorino Tartufo: A hard sheep’s milk cheese, infused with Italian summer truffles. This pasteurized cheese is 100% edible with no rind, making it ideal for cooking, and an easy addition to springtime antipasto and cheeseboards.
  • St Andre Triple Cream 7oz: A soft, creamy, buttery cow milk cheese, presented in a convenient, eco-friendly cardboard container.

Returning Favorites:
  • Red Cat by Birchrun Hills Farm, Chester Springs, PA: A fudgy, supple, washed rind raw cow milk cheese, with a brothy, meaty, creamy flavor profile.

  • Valbreso 100% Sheep Milk Feta from France. On sale!