S’more Cheese, Please!

With fall in the air, but summer still on the mind, I’ve got s’mores on the brain! What better way to hold on to summer a bit longer, than by playing around with a childhood favorite?

Behold the s’more: Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow. With or without a campfire, for fun I like to use cheese as a stand-in for the marshmallow component. Cheeses like mozzarella and Comte, that become stringy when melted, give you that trademark gooey consistency. For a nuttier flavor, my other go-to is Finger Lakes Gold, a velvety, mind blowing, aged goat cheese from Lively Run Goat Dairy in Upstate New York. For a smokey, bacon-y nuance, I like Moody Blue from Wisconsin. If I’m fire side, I’ll throw some curds on a skewer to cram into my chocolate cookie sandwich. Get creative with your chocolate and graham cracker/cookie pairings. Keep it Keto with HU Keto Cookies, and Lily’s or Evolved chocolate, or grain-free with Siete Cassava Mexican Wedding Cookies. Give it a try, and be sure to share with us your cheese s’more creations!

Written by Abby Rex, Harvest Market’s Cheesemonger