Reducing Our Digital Footprint

E-Waste Recycling with SAMR

Everyday electronics like computers and phones pollute our landfills with toxic elements when they are thrown out through regular garbage disposal processes. Did you know that out of the estimated 20-50 million metric tons of electronic waste generated per year, only 12.5% of e-waste is properly recycled?! GADZOOKS! That’s not a good number, especially when you consider the precious materials that were mined to manufacture those electronics in the first place! WHAT TO DO?

When it came time to retire some of our computers, printers and storage drives, we did some digging and found a company called SAMR. SAMR is based in Lakewood, New Jersey and is a leading electronic and computer recycling company serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and the entire United States.


SAMR offers accessible service that is affordable for businesses of all sizes so that we can all work together to protect our planet. SAMR is a full service recycler, offering data destruction and ensuring data is kept safe in the process. SAMR carries all necessary licensing and permits, so we knew we could trust that all of our materials were being disposed of in a responsible manner.

SAMR offered convenient disposal of our e-waste products. To all those businesses out there, we recommend you check them out at They are licensed to service most facilities in Delaware, working with schools and universities, hospitals, financial institutions, big box stores, and multiple small businesses in the community. They can also arrange a pickup at your business and they also offer an economical option to ship recyclables directly to them. Call them at 1-866-509-SAMR (7267) to arrange your e-waste disposal and tell them Harvest Market sent you.

If you’re looking to dispose of residential electronic waste in Delaware, we urge you to drop it off at the Delaware Solid Waste Authority recycling facility on Lambson Lane in New Castle or at one of the rotating waste community drives held around the state. Additionally, Best Buy will recycle electronics for free (except monitors and televisions). They have a bin you can directly place items into or you can bring items directly to Customer Service and they will take it from there.

Rolly Receipt RollsEcothermal Receipts by Rolly Receipts

It may seem insignificant at first glance, but receipt paper really adds up! Not only does receipt paper cost us the life of a tree, it can also contain some pretty nasty chemicals, endangering you and our staff with each exposure. We are lucky to source our receipt paper from Rolly Receipts, a USA based company with one product: receipt paper.

What’s so great about their rolls?

  • BPA and BPS Free
  • No plastic core
  • FSC Certified
  • Rolly Receipts plants one tree for every case of receipt paper we buy through the OneTreePlanted Foundation. During the last year, Rolly Receipts has planted more than 1,500 trees! This is a big step in mitigating climate change, as trees negate 50 lbs. of CO2 per year. That means we helped remove 38 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2021!

Rolly Receipts One Tree

Better yet, if you’d like to sign up for paperless receipts, click here and you can receive electronic receipts delivered to your email instead!