Popcorn Lovers Welcome

Popcorn Lover Laura

Did you know that Popcorn Lovers Day is celebrated every second Thursday of March? Yeah, neither did we! We figured we’d use this as an opportunity to highlight our #1 popcorn-loving staff member, Laura, who kindly shared her tips on how to prepare the best stovetop popcorn. Let’s get poppin’!

Popcorn Lover SuppliesHow to pop the best stovetop popcorn

Items you will want:

  • Popping corn- Organic, Non-GMO, of course! Yellow, butterfly-style popcorn kernels pop the best on the stove.
  • Oil- I prefer coconut manna for the best movie theater style! If you are trying to go the lower calorie route, sunflower oil pops the best and has a spectacular taste.
  • Pot with a sturdy-bottom and tight-fitting lid- I brought my popcorn pot in and Heather took a picture of it. Pro-Tip for novice cookers: It is probably better to use a saucepan your first time because it’s easier to hear what’s going on (and it’s a smaller batch if you burn it.)
  • Measuring spoon- Optional, but preferred for first-time poppers. For a half-cup of popcorn seed, use two tablespoons of oil. It’s best not to deviate from this ratio.
  • Seasoning- butter, salt, celery salt, turmeric, cinnamon, ground rosemary, nutritional yeast– there is no wrong way to top your popcorn!


Step 1. Get your ingredients and your large popcorn bowl together and put them within reaching distance. Once it starts popping, it will go fast and you’ll want the popcorn in the bowl before it burns.
Pro-Tip: Ensure the lid is a good fit before pouring any oil. 
Step 2. Melt oil in your pan. Put the oil in the pan or pot with two popcorn kernels. Place the lid on the pot and turn the heat up to medium-high. When you hear the kernels pop, turn the heat down to medium.
Step 3. Pour the kernels into the pan and replace the lid.
Step 4. Dance while you wait for it to pop.
Step 5. When the kernels have been popping for about a minute, grab the pot by the handles and gently rotate it while maintaining contact with the burner. The goal is to keep it on the heat source while whirling the kernels around. Continue to whirl the kernels every fifteen seconds until the popping has slowed to less than twenty pops per minute.
Step 6. When the popping has slowed dramatically, turn off the heat. Whirl the pan continuously until you can count five seconds since the most recent pop. Remove the popcorn from the burner.
Step 7. Pour the popcorn into a bowl and season. If you are adding a liquid topping, like butter, pour half of the popcorn into the bowl and add a layer of butter. Pour the rest of the popcorn in the bowl, add more butter and whatever dry seasonings you are using. Mix well and enjoy!