Paleo Foods and the Harvest Market Kitchen

Whats Paleo Infographic
Image Source: Nom Nom Paleo

It is safe to say that there is no “one definition” for what is Paleo, but this article from Nom Nom Paleo can give you some deeper understanding of the concept. According to Nom Nom Paleo, “Paleo is an ancestral approach that prioritizes eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods. At its core, Paleo is about trying to eat real, naturally occurring ingredients that are healthful rather than harmful.”

As for our own Real Food To Go from the Harvest Market Kitchen, it is safe to say that our Paleo products are “Paleo friendly” and that they do not contain any grains or dairy with the exception of ghee (clarified butter) because ghee is considered paleo-friendly. Common allergens in our paleo desserts selection include nuts and eggs. Many of our desserts and entrees are paleo-friendly, nutritious and simply delicious!

For folks with allergies or specific dietary concerns, remember to always read the ingredients.