Our Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden Business Owners

In the spirit of conservation and community, Harvest Market has joined two of our fellow local businesses in the creation of a Pollinator Garden in Hockessin. What began as an idea from our next door neighbors, Charles and Kathy Shattuck from Wild Birds Unlimited, is now a beautiful and blossoming pollinator garden in our own parking lot! Thanks to the Shattucks’ initial inspiration, the vast knowledge of Peg Castorani of Gateway Garden Center, and the laborers of Harvest Market, we boast a gorgeous and mostly native pollinator garden in our front yard (next to our bike parking, another eco-friendly feature of our neck of the woods!). Many plants have been identified with wooden markers for reference, and we have also generated the list of plants in our Pollinator Garden for you to use as a guide.

What Do Pollinators Do?

Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we take each day. Pollinated foods are super foods, as many essential nutrients and antioxidants we consume come from plant products that are pollinator dependent. Despite their importance, they are at pivotal point in their own survival. Many reasons contribute to their recent decline. We know for certain, however, that more nectar and pollen sources provided by more flowering plants and trees will help improve their health and numbers. Increasing the number of gardens and pollinator-friendly landscapes will help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country. Every household, business, community and school can provide food and habitat for pollinators.

Take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge With Us!Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Join our trio of Hockessin businesses as we all act to preserve and create gardens and landscapes that help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country. Take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge – with other individuals, kids, families, businesses, community groups, and congregations – who wish to enjoy the outdoors and make a connection between pollinators and the healthy food people eat. Let’s make every garden count, because every pollinator is greatly needed!

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