Oasis at Bird-in-Hand Dairy Farms: Ronks, Pennsylvania


One of Harvest Market’s local dairy producers is Oasis at Bird-in-Hand, a community of family farmers in Lancaster County who supply us with our pastured buttermilk. The farmers who supply milk for Oasis at Bird-in-Hand are all Certified Organic and feed their cows on grass. There is no need to worry about eating anything genetically modified or polluted with synthetic chemicals in any of the food that you buy from Oasis. As good stewards to the land, Oasis’ farms go one step further by powering their dairy processing facilities with Clean Currents, a renewable energy supplier.

All of the milk coming from Oasis at Bird in Hand comes from grass fed, mostly heritage breeds of cows. Milk from grass fed cows is superior for a number of reasons; it contains higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is an anti-carcinogen and the fats in milk from grass fed cows are actually good for you, studies show they help to reduce the risk of heart attack.