New Robiola Cheeses

Robiola Cheese
Robiola is a type of soft cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy. To round out our present assortment of Robiola cheeses at Harvest Market, we are pleased to welcome two new Italian cheeses we’ve recently started carrying: Robiola Bosina and La Tur.

Robiola Bosina, an individually aged and wrapped, soft ripened, square shaped cheese, is a cow/sheep milk blend that is nutty, creamy, and sweet, with a delightfully supple texture. Similar in flavor to Brie, but a tad sweeter and creamier, without a hint of bitterness.

Next up is La Tur, a combination of sheep, cow, and goat milk. This beauty has a glorious variation of texture, all 100% edible. Just beneath the thin wrinkly exterior lies a gooey bit of heaven, coating a heart of firm, creamy goodness, like a partially melted scoop of ice cream. We especially love the presentation of La Tur, how it comes in individual eco-friendly carton boxes.