New Honest Tea Flavors

Honest Tea Turmeric PineappleQuench your thirst and illuminate your taste buds with three new flavors from Honest Tea! Thanks to their new slimmer bottle design, we can now fit a few more varieties on the shelf, such as these three glowing options:

Organic Golden Turmeric Pineapple Herbal Tea

Taste Profile: Brewed ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass with pineapple juice and cane sugar

Turmeric has long been prized in spice markets for its striking golden hue, which colors everything from clothing to brilliant curries. Brewed with aromatic ginger and sweetened with Fair Trade Certified cane sugar and a touch of pineapple juice, Honest Tea’s new organic Golden Turmeric Pineapple Herbal tea has a rich taste that makes it (almost) as good as gold.

Lemon Grove Maple TeaOrganic Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea

Taste Profile: Black tea from India with organic maple syrup, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a touch of lemon peel and ginger root

Maple trees and lemon groves may not exactly grow side by side, but their harmonious combination makes Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea music to our taste buds. Made with organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients, this tea will have you shaking your “grove” thang right along with us.

Fun fact: Lemons are thought to have been first cultivated in Assam, the region of India that currently grows Honest Tea’s black tea leaves. Looks like the lemon doesn’t fall far from the tea!

Mango Mate Black teaOrganic Mango Maté Black Tea

Taste Profile: Brewed black tea brewed with yerba maté extract, mango puree, and sweetened with cane sugar

Grown from a shrub, yerba maté is a South American staple traditionally served in a gourd and filtered through a thin metal straw. A lively blend of organic, Fair Trade Certified black tea and cane sugar with a touch of organic mango puree, Mango Maté Black Tea will whisk you away to tropical bliss so completely that you won’t even miss the gourd.

Fun fact: The word “maté” in yerba maté is actually pronounced “mah-tay.” Feel free to tell your mates.