Word on Curd: New Cheeses for Fall, and Spotlight on Vermont!

Campfires, apples, crimson leaves, and cozy sweaters… Autumn is upon us, and we are celebrating with a new wave of cheeses to land in the cheese case.

New from Vermont:

From Champlain Valley Creamery in Middlebury, VT:
Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream 4oz
Made from 100% organic, pasteurized Vermont cow milk and cream. With a creamline the texture of melted ice cream, and a fluffy, spreadable interior, this triple cream gem delivers the trifecta of sweet cream, butter, and salt. Pair with champagne, or anything sparkling, berries, fresh figs, and crusty bread.
From Barn First Creamery in Westfield, Vermont:
This farmstead, goat milk brie-style cheese is a true American original! A delectable bloomy rind with a kiss of blue, a glistening creamline becoming softer with age, and a bright and creamy interior with a thin layer of vegetable ash. Finishes clean on the palate. Flavor notes: lemon chiffon cake and roasted nuts. Pair with your favorite honey, prosciutto, crusty bread, and marcona almonds.

From Barn First Creamery in Westfield, Vermont:
A farmstead, washed rind, pasteurized goat cheese with a supple interior you can sink your teeth into. With flavor notes of almond butter and bacon, this bright and meaty giant pairs well with something sweet, spicy, and effervescent: dates, honey, kimchi, Trappist beer, caramelized onions, orange marmalade.

New European Cheeses to Hit the Case:

Sage Derby
A British pasteurized semi-firm cow milk cheese, with vibrant green sage marbled throughout. Its eye-catching appeal makes for a fun addition to a party platter. Melts beautifully over a burger, mac and cheese, or omelette. Green eggs and ham, anyone?

An Italian washed rind cow milk classic! Meaty yet fruity, soft, and comforting. Smear it over toast, have it with roasted veggies or seasonal fruit, wash it down with anything sparkling or sour, a dry white wine, or full bodied red. Pasteurized cow milk.

Charles Arnaud 10 Month-Aged Comte
With notes of sweet hay, toasted hazelnuts, toffee, and  browned butter, this Gruyere from the Franche-Comte region of France is an old-world classic to round out any cheeseboard. Raw cow milk.

Ossau Iraty
From the Basque region of France, this 4 month-aged sheep milk semi-hard cheese is mild and buttery, with a nutty finish. Pair with olives, black cherry jam, figs, pears, cured meats, or fresh bitter greens.
The King of Cheese,” a classic, old-world, name protected French raw sheep milk blue. Rich and creamy, sweet and spicy. Melts in your mouth, like decadent blue cheese ice cream, if ever there were! Raw.